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Our Company in PCD fOR Ayurvedic/Herbal Products (Monopoly Based Franchise) & 3rd Manufacturing of Ayurvedic/Herbal Products, we have our own plant with GMP CERTIFIED.

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Complete Promotional Materials like Brochure, Danglers, Visual Aids, Leave Behind Cards, Sample Catch Cover, LBLs & MR Bag for Monopoly Based Franchisee/PCD Herbal

Welcome to Saflon Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

Herbal Ayurvedic Franchise

With an unparallel contribution in the field of Ayurveda, Saflon Lifesciences has made a quintessential name in the Herbal industry. It has been a notable manufacturer of a plethora of herbal products and solutions. Keeping the view of a ton of medicines that comes with several severe side effects, Saflon’s ayurvedic products assures to give an unanimous solutions without any other side effects. Our outstanding variety of medicines like creams, tablets, products, capsules, lotions, ointments etc ensures a complete answer to all your health care problems. With our highly accomplished team of professionals we make sure that you receive an elite quality treatment with a cost effective solution.
At Saflon Lifesciences we have discovered every secret of the trans-science Ayurveda to enable treatments that promotes the general wellness of your body processes. We embrace the concept of the three pillars in this medicinal science that includes the equilibrium of mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda empowers these three elements of human body creation and produces medicines that ensure the best remedy of all times.
Ayurveda uses extraction from different parts of the plant including leaves, bark, roots and even seeds like cinnamon. Based on the authorization of WHO, our herbal treatments ensure a sustainable treatment for an overall maintenance of the health of the body. It is useful in mitigating diseases especially that are chronic in nature.
Our invaluable treatment strategy enables the evaluation of every health issue specifically. Depending on its complications, we devise the exact methods of treatment. Our focus remains on eradicating the health issue from its very root so that it can never harm the body again.

Our Uniqueness

(1) Excellent Quality Herbal Products
(2) Innovative Packaging (Matte Finish, Silver Foil Branding, Hut Shape Monocarton)
(3) Qualitative Modern Innovative Marketing Material
(4) Any Time Customer Support

Quality Assurance

At Saflon Lifesciences, we dedicate our services to provide a supreme quality of healthcare products that makes us a matchless choice in the Pharma Industry. Along with a quality management system, there is a regular self assessment strategy by which we strive to keep up with the high standards established in the pharma Industry. With the latest technologies for manufacturing along with up to date testing equipments, we maintain an unprecedented high quality and timely service.
Our ultimate goal of our health services is to offer an exemplary customer service for catering varied healthcare problems.


With the power of natural solutions, we at SaflonLifesciences feel the significance to spread the benefits of our Herbal products. Our export services are inspired from the legendary Ayurvedic medical science that once used to rule not in India but across several worldwide places.
Motivated to re-live the dream of Ayurveda and its natural remedies, our Herbal products are exported to different parts of Asia, South East and Central Asia, Africa and to parts of China. We understand the global need to spread the magic of natural remedies. Hence our export services are indebted to fulfill the dream of many who demands a natural solution to their health issues.
As natural remedies are always the best remedies to harmonize and maintain a healthy body, thus we aspire to expand our services to many other parts of the world.

About Us

Inspired by the true magic of Herbal Medicines, we at Saflon Lifesciences embrace you to the world of natural glamour through our diversified Herbal solutions. Believing the fact that there is no substitute for natural beauty, our products unveil the inherent beauty that you were born with. A myriad of our Herbal Medicines include Syrups, Capsules, Oil, Powder etc. We comprehend the necessity of Herbal Medicines against the conventional medicines that bring in severe side effects. Our outstanding team of professionals contributes solutions that are not just useful for effective treatments but that also complements affordability.

Image 03 3rd Party Manufacturing

We at Saflon Lifesciences give you the provision for third party manufacturing. The following list of our functions shall give a good deal of knowledge about our outsourcing methods, please take a look: We ensure production of herbal capsules, lotions, syrups and tablets as per scheduled contracts. Based on the requirements of your contract we ensure the procurement of the necessary raw materials, the manufacture of medicines, with end phases like Quality examination along with the packaging system. We enable impeccable standards of supply chain management.
Our effective techniques include the following: Evaluation of quality of products and their supply. Extremely reduced expenditure. Maintain a steady income with an increased earning that also helps to mitigate the pain of manufacturing Emphasis on an efficient marketing strategy In-detailed product evaluation with regular testing Assurance of a punctual and on-time delivery With the above techniques for products manufacturing through third party contracts, we exhibit supreme flexibility and simplicity in our approach. Our marketing techniques and phase to phase analysis speak in volumes about our quality.